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python-social-auth is a very modular library looking to provide the basic tools to implement social authentication / authorization in Python projects. For that reason, the project is split in smaller components that focus on providing a simpler functionality. Some components are:


Dependencies are properly defined in the requirements files; the setup.py script will determine the environment where it’s installed and sort between Python 2 or Python 3 packages if needed. There are some extras defined to install the corresponding dependencies since they are required to build extensions that, unless used, are undesired.

  • OpenIDConnect support requires the use of the openidconnect extra.

  • SAML support requires the use of the saml extra.

There’s also the all extra that will install all the extra options.

Several backends demand application registration on their corresponding sites and other dependencies like SQLAlchemy on Flask and Webpy.

Get a copy

From PyPI:

$ pip install social-auth-<component>

Or, grab the relevant repository from GitHub, then:

$ cd social-auth-<component>
$ sudo python setup.py install

Using the extras options

To enable any of the extras options to bring the dependencies for OpenIDConnect, or SAML, or both:

$ pip install "social-auth-core[openidconnect]"
$ pip install "social-auth-core[saml]"
$ pip install "social-auth-core[all]"