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1.1.0 Release Notes

Channels 1.1.0 introduces a couple of major but backwards-compatible changes, including most notably the inclusion of a standard, framework-agnostic JavaScript library for easier integration with your site.

Major Changes

  • Channels now includes a JavaScript wrapper that wraps reconnection and multiplexing for you on the client side. For more on how to use it, see the javascript documentation.

  • Test classes have been moved from channels.tests to channels.test to better match Django. Old imports from channels.tests will continue to work but will trigger a deprecation warning, and channels.tests will be removed completely in version 1.3.

Minor Changes & Bugfixes

  • Bindings now support non-integer fields for primary keys on models.

  • The enforce_ordering decorator no longer suffers a race condition where it would drop messages under high load.

  • runserver no longer errors if the staticfiles app is not enabled in Django.

Backwards Incompatible Changes